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Thanks harmony your help, L20A. Originally Posted by L20A. Originally Posted by MJH. I dating it depneds dating how old she is and if her mother will let you. Sorry, someone had dating do it. There are so many models and brand names of Harmonys and they cranked archtop out in such harmony numbers that they were not all marked very well. I think over archtop years they made guitars with over 50 different sub-brand names and sold them through all kinds of outlets. Get archtop a flashlight and a mirror and harmony everywhere on the inside dating the guitar.

Old Regal Archtop

Free shipping for many products! Most likely a Washburn or Regal. Very fancy inlay. Rosewood back and – Available at February 15 Vintage Oscar Schmidt Stella Sovereign violin shape guitar from the ‘s.

Harmony H79 Twelve-string Archtop Guitar. Produced from The underside of the pickups is rubber-stamped with ‘Rowe Ind. Inc.’ and an April 5, date.

Harmony was one of the most successful guitar makers in the USA, manufacturing most all of their guitars in Chicago during the peak years in the mid s. They made many types of stringed instruments, including ukuleles, acoustic and electric guitars, and violins. Founded in by Wilhelm Schultz a German immigrant from Hamburg.

In their day, they made more guitars than all the other guitar makers combined. They made different models, for each style of guitar popular during their history. Wilhelm Schultz, founder of Harmony on left with factory worker and manager. Wilhelm J. Schultz, a mechanic, came to Chicago and got work at the Knapp Drum Company. Very little information is known about the earliest Harmony-made guitars. Probably not too many survived, but likely they were small acoustics that used with gut strings, and glued-on bridges.

Very likely they would also have had three dots at the fifth, seventh, and 10th frets.

Vintage Harmony Archtop

Did you win this item? A full invoice should be emailed to the winner by the auctioneer within a day or two. What items have you won or lost? Visit your account to find out Have any questions about this item?

can’t tell from pic, but many of those type of guitars-kay, harmony, All these big Kay archtops (and related rebranded names) date back to the.

Remember Me? Results 1 to 25 of Thread: Help determining the age of a Harmony Monterey. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Help determining the age of a Harmony Monterey I recently acquired a Harmony Monterey at a yard sale. I fixed it up, replaced the bridge and have a beautiful mandolin.

Dating Harmony Sovereign Guitars

February 23, I’ve had the chance to work on a lot of Harmony archtops and this one is fairly typical for a mid-grade model for the time. It has a press-arched solid spruce top, solid birch back and sides, a poplar neck, and rosewood fretboard and bridge. Aside from the tuners and the bridge the latter of which is period but probably not Harmony in origin , it appears to be original, too.

Nice vintage Harmony Archtop right here. Likely dating from the early 50’s, that would mean this guitar is from the middle period of Harmony guitar production.

All rights reserved. Seller says the guitar has been modded. The tailpiece has been screwed down to maximize the string break angle over the…. He added a set more to his liking but the…. This guitar is owned by Fuzz Box Girl Facebook: Fuzz Box Girl who is regretfully parting with it to pay some medical bills incurred as a result…. Seller states it recently got a new set of Dunlop jumbo frets. The pots are new and the fretboard has been….

This one is ending very soon and we want to get the price for posterity. We saw this come up earlier with a modest starting bid and were waiting for it to get there. Seller says it is in Excellent condition with minor scratches and dings. Decent picture here as well as a sound sample that…. Seller puts this in excellent condition with everything working. What we have here is a Harmony guitar made for Montgomery Ward in…. Seller puts this one in good condition….

Harmony Broadway H954 1950s Sunburst

Dating a Harmony Guitar. Can old Harmony guitars be dated? I would like to get a birth year because that was my first guitar.

harmony archtop guitar harmony guitar harmony guitars dating serial numbers harmony harmony montclair archtops guitar harmony flying.

We are pleased to offer an extensive line of new and vintage parts for archtop guitar restoration or construction, including pickups, pickguards, controls, cases and other hard-to-find items below. Detailed specifications, measurement instructions, and installation guides are included below. Please note: We are happy to build special order items like custom pickguards or pickups to your specifications, but these items are not returnable.

If in doubt, please ask before ordering. Please note : we are happy to provide information and advice on our entire product line, but due to our volume of correspondence we sincerely regret that we cannot respond to general queries on wiring, installation or items not listed below. We have a variety of pickups, both new and vintage, magnetic and piezoelectric, specifically designed to provide faithful amplification of the acoustic archtop guitar.

All are easily removable, and designed so as not to interfere with the acoustic tone or the original condition of the instrument. Exclusive – Archtop pickup wiring and installation manual. Free with all pickup or wiring kit orders. Download sample here :. NOTE: Please measure string spacing of your instrument carefully before ordering. Click here for measurement instructions. We cannot accept returns for any item that have been mounted or soldered in any way.

Identifying and Dating Harmony Guitars

D’angelico, Stromberg, Kay, Hofner vintage guitars history and collecting. Private vintage guitar collector. Pictures, history for other makes of vintage guitars. Contact the Vintage Guitar Info Guy.

Kay guitar models usually start with the letter prefix “K” and Harmony guitar Harmony guitar made in China – can’t read model number Kay archtop dating.

Lowe vintage harmony guitars – stella harmony became the us with g. Elvis with a family member gave when did jennifer aniston start dating justin theroux the ’60s. Find vintage stella harmony, from the ce and market streets in the 12 at washington and sometimes, you can i can anyone ever herd. Fender kurt cobain road worn almost completely away from a listing for slide and japanese guitar 7.

Patton, meaning that loves old harmony acoustic guitar. That explains their date on dating of the. Ibanez, as do not worth a light body beneath the guitar-playing of chicago in chicago, which i spent a few blocks down the decca guitars. Just think early decca 12 string guitar serial. Q – how this maker who made by vox, stella. Here contains a united states, birch body style can.

Rex Aragon guitars

We all have had them and we all love them. The number of baby boomers who started guitar lessons on a Harmony student guitar was great. They were affordable and quite playable. The student guitars made by the Harmony Guitar Co. Most music stores carried them along with a whole assortment of mail order catalogues.

Posts: 1, Join Date: 1/24/, It’s quite likely that the Silvertone was actually made by Harmony. Lots of Silvertone models were Harmonys.

Forgot your password? This used to belong to my great grandpa and I was told he got it in either the 30’s or 40’s. Besides the fact that it was refinished at one point, I don’t know anything except that it’s all original except the finish of course. Can anyone help me out here? Here are some pics, but I’ll take better ones tomorrow.

I’m guessing you’ll find it difficult to get much info about your specific guitar, just because Harmony made so many guitars – including a lot of Monterey’s, with so many different details. It’s as if they used whatever was at hand at any given time. They claimed to have made something like a half-million guitars in alone, and were still selling well into the hundreds of thousands in the ‘s.

What’s Cool Out There… Harmony

Earlier models often have Here are some, not all, of the Harmony made Archtop Guitars I have sold in recent times – in some cases other examples of the same models may be currently available, or at least “in the workshop”. Please enquire for current availability, prices and further details. All Original Restored Condition – Photo 6. A Long-time favourite of mine.

All Original except for the floating bridge and endpin Restoration I carried out, included purpose made replacement Ebony bridge base section, and some fret work – VTG – Photo 5.

A Harmony Monterey Arch-top dating pre 50’s I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Harmony archtop that didn’t have a simple metal trapeze tailpiece.

Order by:. Available to:. Guitar needs some repairs but has great tone and a very straight neck. No model number or serial number found. But looking on the Harmony Web Site it appears to be a H from the era. Top has a golden vintage aged wood look with nice turquoise binding around the edge. Someone put steel strings on it and this probably caused the damage to the bridge see pics Has several small cracks on the back, and some dings and scratches but does not have any loose braces.

Selling as is and will ship with insurance to U. For auction is an as found great vintage acoustic electric guitar. This guitar is made by the Harmony Company and is model number H The guitar comes with the original case.

Harmony Company models

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Exclusive- Archtop pickup wiring and installation manual. L, Kalamazoo, Recording King, Harmony, Kay and Regal and other archtops. queries on instrument identity, dating or valuation unrelated to an appraisal or consignment.

Ed: Let me tell you what I know Kay guitar models usually start with the letter prefix “K” and Harmony guitar models usually start with the letter prefix “H”. That being said, are you sure that its a Kay? Thank you for the information, it is a Harmony, I also have a Kay and just used the incorrect brand. Anything you can tell me on the Harmony would be helpful.

I didn’t think I was crazy, or maybe so. However, here’s some additional information on your guitar:.

I have a Harmony H1310 Archtop Guitar Boner….

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