Quentin Lucet: “On Hugo Boss, we focused on hydrodynamic drag”

Quentin Lucet: “On Hugo Boss, we focused on hydrodynamic drag”

Gerardus Mercator was born on the fifth of March, in Rupelmonde in Belgium. A cartographer, geographer and cosmographer, Mercator was to contribute his own form of projection that would change the face of map mapping. Mercator set out to find a solution to the problem of displaying the world, a sphere, on a flat surface. What makes a map using Mercator Projection, as it has become known, different to other maps? It is that the meridians are vertical parallel lines of equal spacing and the latitude parallels are parallel straight lines in the horizontal plane. This means that when a straight line is drawn on a Mercator map it is a line of constant true bearing as the ratios of longitude and latitude are accurate at any point. This is what makes maps using Mercator Projection ideal for charting courses at sea. Mercator Projection also known as Cylindrical Projection is less useful in the making of world maps due to the way in which it distorts scale, resulting in areas becoming overly large the farther they are away from the equator. Mercator published his world map in having expressed his intention to make it suitable for navigation. The use of parallel lines against which courses are plotted heralded a major change in the way charts and maps were produced, and still forms the basis on which modern, sophisticated navigation methods are based.

Giant IMOCA 60 turn-out for 2019 Rolex Fastnet Race

W ith the monohull world increasingly embracing foils it seems timely to reflect on some of the lessons learnt over the past year and how and beyond look for the impact of DSS and for the other foil solutions in the marketplace.. While dramatic footage of semi-flying or flying yachts gets the headlines it is the background story that is perhaps more significant.

In 15 years of developing, engineering and supplying DSS foils and installing them on various yachts we have never had a failure beyond the cracking of one foil, quickly identified as a failure by the builder to build the hull exit bearing surface as drawn.

Competing in the high speed, extreme IMOCA 60 class, Thomson has broken and achieved countless accolades throughout his decorated career to date. Having finished the 20editions of the Vendée Globe in third and.

Despite breaking his main halyard twice, his three ascents of the rig and sailing the last 50 miles of the race to windward without a keel. Golding and Ecover completed the course from the tip of Africa due south of the Cape of Good Hope, in an amazing 1day 19hrs 29mins faster than the winning boat PRB. This is how they did it. Thanks to everyone in the media centre, all the writers behind the Vendee Globe race organisation and especially Kate Jennings for her writing and translations during the race.

By winning the Transat Race in June Mike gave a foretaste of what he and the boat could achieve together. A cautious start and 16th across the start line, Ecover finished the coastal leg in fifth place, moving up to third by Gibraltar and then manoeuvring out to be the most westerly boat in the fleet. By the doldrums Mike had pulled back 80 miles and on the 18th November as he crossed the equator he overtook his fellow countryman Alex Thompson. As they approached the St Helena High, the door was closing on the corridor to the stronger westerlies in the south.

The boats further north, including Golding would be the first to loose the wind while the opportunity to nudge into the westerly flow and make a jump on the others was a real possibility for the front-runners PRB and Bonduelle.

Vendee Globe sailor Alex Thomson talks about life on the oceans

Thomson, a race favorite, has spent the last 22 days completing the repair of a 5-byfoot hole in his foot carbon racing sailboat, Hugo Boss, which was run through by a fishing boat while being delivered for the race. And this time, Thomson, 34, is determined to keep his slick black boat on course to victory. The race started against a calm southwesterly breeze in the Bay of Biscay that was expected to rise to a full gale by Monday afternoon.

The sailors are racing the newest Open 60 boats, designed to a measurement rule that allows for innovation but keeps the boats evenly matched. They are made for the downwind prevailing breezes of the west-to-east course, with wide, flat, stable sterns that skim across the waves at high speeds and massive sails made of strong, lightweight fibers like Kevlar and Spectra. The boats have been refined to top 40 miles an hour in the open ocean.

Pour Stewart Hosford, il faut que le Vendée Globe ait lieu à la date Vincent Lauriot-Prévost: They were simple: the Vendée Globe and nothing else! foils, as we are relying on their power to sail the boat in the points of sail usually found in the Vendée Globe. So the boat gets up from what speed?

Please select your home edition. The total number of visitors this year exceeded 10, Posted today at am Heesen Yachts deliver YN Project Castor Solemates is the first to feature an all-new layout to accentuate her impressive interior volume The latest in Heesen’s metre Steel class, Solemates is the first to feature an all-new layout to accentuate her impressive interior volume of approximately GT.

NaviWheel is an innovative boat steering system, which makes boating easier, more fun and safer by its intuitive user interface. Posted on 17 Aug Brewing and it is not your coffee… Out in the Pacific, time can get a little rubbery, making it a holiday destination par excellence Out in the Pacific, time can get a little rubbery. It is why it is a holiday destination par excellence. OK, blue waters, sandy beaches, palm trees, fish, gentle breezes and other things add into it, but back in the real world it is tick-tock.

A successful series of sea trials marked the upcoming sails of the spectacular yacht that achieves 19 knots while featuring extensive living areas Posted on 17 Aug Pull-up Cleats enhance appearance of larger boats Providing a cleaner overall appearance while eliminating a potential trip hazard Pull-up cleats add value to any boat by retracting flush into the deck when not required, providing a cleaner overall appearance while eliminating a potential trip hazard.

Posted on 14 Aug Princess Yachts partners up with Ecoworks Marine The leading supplier of sustainable cleaning products for the marine industry Princess Yachts, the UK’s largest yacht manufacturer, today announces a new brand partnership with Ecoworks Marine, the leading supplier of sustainable cleaning products for the marine industry. Posted on 12 Aug Aquanima 40 completes circumnavigation of Bali The entire cruise was completed using nothing but the power of the sun Solar-Electric Yacht specialist Azura Marine today announced the completion of the nautical mile circumnavigation of Bali with their recently launched Aquanima 40 “Solar Eclipse.

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What’s behind the design of Alex Thomson’s Vendée Globe racer Hugo Boss?

Tony James speaks to Vendee Globe sailor Alex Thomson about life sailing and racing on the world’s oceans. One experience of that is surely enough for anyone. Thomson knows better than most that the Vendee takes no prisoners.

The Vendée Globe is a single-handed (solo) non-stop round the world yacht race​. The race A fast start was followed by a few minor equipment problems, allowing the first racers to cross the Sailor, Yacht, Launch Date/Designer, Time.

Josse was one of the pre-race favourites had been lying in third place since November 23rd and the approach to the Cape of Good Hope and had sailed a mature, composed race to date, regulating his speed and managing his risks prudently but still showing periods of great speed on Edmond de Rothschild. But his race was effectively terminated in a few seconds on Monday when he sustained damage to his port foil and support mechanism ploughing to a standstill in the trough of a big wave.

As for De Pavant, he lost the structure which supports the canting keel on his Bastide-Otio after striking an object in the water, some miles north of the Crozet Islands. His boat was suffering a constant ingress of water and the keel was suspended beneath the boat only by a hydraulic ram. Of the seven sailors who have had to withdraw, three have had to retire from three races. Bertrand de Broc and Vincent Riou have been forced out of three although Riou was only denied a finish in by his heroic rescue of the capsized Jean Le Cam miles from Cape Horn and was given a third place as redress.

Josse had to retire from that epic race into Auckland with rudder damage after being knocked down. Thomas Ruyant Le Souffle du Nord Pour Le Projet Imagine was this afternoon reported to be making a repair to his ballast scoop after it fractured and let water in through a hole in the hull. The skipper who is racing for his first time in the Big South and is lying in eighth place took emergency action and has sailed more than 60 miles to the north west to protect the damaged area and was believed to be making a fix this afternoon.

Racers in Vendée Globe Start Nonstop Solo Quest

What were the demands? What did you deduce from that in terms of the general outline? Can you give us some more detail about that? We came up with the geometry, in particular the shape of the deck line, with volume spread around the centre of the hull, which really meant gains in terms of the mass. That adds to the protection of the skipper with the cockpit entirely closed off. Setting up such a cockpit is completely linked to the sailor who is going to be aboard: does he feel at ease or not with that option?

⚓Around the Globe: Officially registered for the Vendée Globe after Stay up to date about Kojiro Shiraishi and DMG MORI Global ONE at Vendeè.

In , he sailed around the world non-stop, solo and without any assistance on a 6. That was a world first as the yacht was the smallest to have sailed around the world non-stop via the three capes and without assistance. This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. File information. Structured data. Captions English Add a one-line explanation of what this file represents. You cannot overwrite this file.


After more than 70 days, the Vendee Globe is set for an epic finish, with the youngest skipper to win the Clipper Race, Alex Thomson, closing in on the lead as the race enters into the final 24 hours. The move overnight is another chapter in the heroic comeback story which has seen Alex make up nearly nautical miles on the Frenchman since December. If he can re-take the lead, he will become just the second Briton to win a solo, non-stop around the world yacht race.

Just like everyone else, the French Vendée Globe skippers are in lockdown and in a of postponement, launches and training sessions put back to a later date. Speed, reliability, skipper comfort –so far it is all going the right way for Sam.

Golden Globe Race: heading towards Pat Lawless is off on a qualifying sail for the GGR two years ahead of schedule…looking good, he is on his way home now…sail safe Pat and enjoy…You can follow him on his tracker here. Our only Cape Dory 36 in the fleet hit the road again! Italy has a fine skipper and boat representing them in GGR!! When you get to know her you see serious experience and a person at one with the oceans of the world.

She is a sailor who knows boats and where she is going. This is going to be another interesting story! Two years on and Susie Goodall for the first time ever has spoken openly in detail about her GGR experience, that storm and the effect it has had on her life then and now. Two years on and not a day goes by that she dose not think about the GGR. Her final comments in this podcast are very poignant. This is a true insight into an amazing lady…I was fascinated listening to this and for the sailors it is full of useful information.

She now regrets deploying the Series Drogue not because it broke, but she feels she would have had a better chance sailing on. Thanks Susie. The podcast is here and it starts about 22 minutes in ….

Race Route

Competing in the high speed, extreme IMOCA 60 class, Thomson has broken multiple records and achieved countless accolades throughout his decorated career to date. Registered company name: 5 West Limited. Registration Number:

Date. Greta said her two-week trip would pose challenges including using was built to compete in the round-the-world Vendée Globe race. for high-​speed, long-distance endurance races around the world Boat.

Yards have been closed down, the Transatlantic races are under threat of postponement, launches and training sessions put back to a later date. Billed as the prologue to the Vendee Globe single handed around the world race, the 3,mile New York-Vendee-Les Sables d’Olonne Transatlantic Race scheduled for June 16, has attracted a bumper entry of 27 solo skippers from seven countries — including five women. The fact that the entry is nearly double.

There may be well over a year to go until the start of the edition of the Vendee Globe solo around the world race but the launches of new IMOCA 60 boats appear to have started to accelerate. German ocean racer Boris Herrmann has announced an audacious attempt to take on two major around the world races in the space of 12 months. The year-old from Hamburg was already registered to take part in the single-handed Vendee Globe non-stop around the world race which is scheduled to start from.

A great interview on the BBC website with British four-time Paralympic sailor Hannah Stodel about her plans to become the first disabled person to compete in the Vendee Globe solo race around the world. Colman is probably best known for his participation in the last Vendee Globe around the world race, when — despite being dismasted with fewer than a thousand miles to go —.

Vendée Globe

Originally appeared on the Vendee Globe website. He took 16th place when he crossed the finish line at hrs UTC. The elapsed time is days 1 hour 58 minutes and 41 seconds. He sailed 27, miles averaging After being dismasted late on the evening of Friday 10th February, when he was in tenth place and some miles west of Lisbon, Portugal, Colman constructed and stepped a remarkable jury rig which has allowed him to sail the final miles of the 27, nautical miles race which started from Les Sables d’Olonne on November 6th

(December 7, ; Day 32) – The Vendée Globe leading duo Armel Le composed race to date, regulating his speed and managing his risks.

The first race was run in —90, and was won by Titouan Lamazou ; Jeantot himself took part, and placed fourth. The race is open to monohull yachts conforming to the Open 60 class criteria. Prior to , the race was also open to Open 50 boats. The Open classes are unrestricted in certain aspects, but a box rule governs parameters such as overall length, draught, appendages and stability, as well as numerous other safety features.

Additional waypoints may be set in the sailing instructions for a particular race, in order to ensure safety relative to ice conditions, weather, etc. The competitors may stop at anchor, but may not draw alongside a quay or another vessel; they may receive no outside assistance, including customised weather or routing information. The only exception is that a competitor who has an early problem may return to the start for repairs and then restart the race, as long the restart is within 10 days of the official start.

The race presents significant challenges; most notably the severe wind and wave conditions in the Southern Ocean , the long unassisted duration of the race, and the fact that the course takes competitors far from the reach of any normal emergency response. A significant proportion of the entrants usually retire, and in the —97 race Canadian Gerry Roufs was lost at sea.

To mitigate the risks, competitors are required to undergo medical and survival courses. Plant lost the race, but to the admiring French, he emerged a real hero after repairing the rigging and finishing the course as an unofficial competitor in days, a new American single-handed circumnavigation record.

Alex Thomson hoping experience and bold design of his £5.5m superboat pays off in Vendee Globe

Today at precisely 7. Just over a fortnight after the lockdown ended, the sailors and their teams are now busy catching up on lost time. Website Instagram Facebook Twitter Youtube. Barely had she been launched and already the monohull was taking part in the Fastnet Race. Unfortunately, a foil broken during the delivery trip to Le Havre meant that her skippers were unable to take the start of the Transat Jacques Vabre.

Five key points : 1 Foils: very large and imposing even if their weight remains secret.

The boat has proved to be particularly fast – and manageable – when pressed We have always built our foils with Dom Pedron of Isotop and to date they have Hugo Boss did at least prove to be the fastest Imoca 60 in the Vendée Globe.

Nicolas Troussel is looking forward to starting the reliability phase, getting up to speed and familiar with his new boat. Here are the first impressions since the launch. She is singular, her colors are beautiful and harmonious. Nicolas was involved in all phases of the project, from hull construction to sail design, to create a boat that resembles him. That is why, right from the start, the team has incorporated a strong time constraint into the project with the aim of strengthening its ability to adapt and its agility.

This first set of sails will enable us to tackle the following stages with serenity. Even though the boat was still under construction, we used our experience and the tools put in place by the designers. We tried to project our ideas and imagine ourselves on the boat to come up with an inventory of sails that meet all the sailing conditions. All the choices were made with that in mind. For the moment, the first impressions are in line with the specifications.

The triangulation as well as the shape of the sails are satisfactory. Indeed, there are many compromises to be made. Sometimes they are small details, but 10, 20 or 30 meters squared difference between the sails can change the game.

Vendée Globe 2016 : Soirée Speed dating

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